Babies And Preschool

Baby Teeth And Teething

Baby teeth don’t matter right? Wrong. Baby teeth guide the adult teeth into position.  The early loss of a baby tooth through infection or dental trauma, can not only be painful but also contribute to unnecessary crowding in the adult teeth.

We see children of all ages right from birth, particularly if parents or children have a concern.  It is important to clean and check your children’s teeth as soon as they erupt.  A first dental visit for a family with no dental concerns is often around the age of 4.

We recommend children be encouraged to brush their own teeth as early as possible to build the skill, but with mum or dad always doing a check second brush until they are 8-9 year old.

The best thing parents can do for their children’s dental health, is to have healthy mouths themselves.  The bacteria that can cause decay are passed from one person to another.  Having a healthy mouth and good dental cleaning habits provides children with the best chance of success.


Teething can be easy for some children and very painful for others.  The normal time for baby tooth eruption is between 6-18 months.  Although some children are born with teeth.

Teeth Cleaning for Children


  • Toothpaste for children has a low fluoride content.
  • Children should use child strength toothpaste, until their adult teeth begin to erupt (6 years old).


The most important time to brush is just before bed; food left on your teeth will cause decay while you sleep. Whether you use a manual or an electric toothbrush, you should brush for 2 minutes at least twice a day.

Children need their teeth brushed for them until they can write their own name in cursive handwriting (8 – 9 years old).