Bad Breath

If you had bad breath, your friends would tell you wouldn’t they?  It can be a difficult topic to broach.

The main cause of bad breath are bacteria, particularly the bacteria that live along the gum line and often cause gingivitis and periodontitis.  Often the bacteria are attached to the tooth just below the gum line, making it impossible to remove them with just a toothbrush.  The smell is often a result of the bacteria infecting into the gum, resulting in a rotting or decaying odour.

Most people who have bad breath can resolve the problem easily, by having their teeth professionally cleaned and being shown how to keep them clean more effectively. Once the bacteria are removed, the gum heals and the problem resolves.
Tongue scrapers, mouthwash and trying a different toothpaste can also be of benefit after a professional clean, but tend to have little effect without it.

Not all bad breath is caused by gum infection.  A post-nasal drip, chronic sinusitis or a variation in diet can also be contributing factors.  If good oral hygiene doesn’t resolve bad breath, sometimes a referral to an Ear, Nose and Throat surgeon is warranted to investigate other solutions.